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PDMC uses a simple command line that enables immediate experiment creation.  Setup is done once, in a reusable manner, so simple experiments are simple to declare with the PDMC command line.  Gone are the days of copying an existing experiment and laboriously editing the hundreds of lines of setup information.

For example, to run the place and route tool on the current design using default settings, up to the Clock Tree Synthesis point, the user types

  • pdmc pnr PNRSTEP=cts

Nearly all aspects of the flow steps can be adjusted on the command line.  When a new run (or experiment) deviates significantly from any existing runs, it’s time to create a new input file.  Only the difference between this experiment and the already-created base experiment need to be specified:

  • pdmc pnr EXPNAME=new_exp.1 EXPCONFIG=myexp.cfg PNRSTEP=cts

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